About Lynda Cassels

We are in this together, from start to resolution and all steps in between. Expect prompt, ongoing contact from us, and we will expect your input on strategies and important decisions. Bring us your challenging situations, and we will be there for you, even help be the catalyst for positive change. Because we are partners, after all.

What do you do?
I help people resolve the personal legal problems that can arise in families. Traditionally, we call this Family law, wills and estates, and adult guardianship. In practice, it means helping people navigate the legal aspects of major life transitions, such as relationship breakdown, death of a family member, or mental incapacity. I also assist clients with adoptions, wills, and marriage agreements, and am accredited as a family law mediator.

What are your strengths?
I believe that when personal relationships break down, people need objective and experienced advice about their rights, responsibilities and options. I help my clients develop an action plan that works for them, in their unique circumstances. That plan might involve collaborative law, mediation, going to court, preparing settlement documents or simply advising them on steps they could take to handle matters on their own. Over 10 years of practicing law I have seen time and again that knowing the options gives people confidence, and that confidence leads to creative solutions.

How are you involved in the legal community?
I am an active member of Victoria’s collaborative family law group and am on the executive of the Victoria Family Law and Elder Law sections of the Canadian Bar Association. I also volunteer with the Access Justice Pro Bono legal clinics.

What is your passion?
I love watching people discover their strengths and make things happen for themselves. That may sound trite, but watch your friends, your kids, your colleagues—that light that goes on inside, when they see their way past a problem and start creating something new.

What is your favourite music?
The CDs Hymns and Hers and Camino, by the late and immensely talented BC fiddler Oliver Schroer. If you can’t imagine fiddle music as transcendent, try it.